Oh. My. God. 1984 is the most boring, horrible book i’ve ever read!! and i love books! when i was eight i attempted to read the lord of the rings, and the parts i understood, i loved! but this book was just awful! and then, after everything this guy goes through, he loses anyways! and he has sex with this girl, and only does it because it is corrupt! he only beleives in corrupt things, and it’s just awful!! ugh!


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3 responses to “1984

  1. theunhappycamper

    1984 didn’t impress me either.

    And thanks for dropping into my blog. I feel for you, dry humid dry monsoon, that has to suck.

    At least we now know that there is another person who is miserable with their own weather.

    Take care.

  2. somethingson

    Corruption in your world means something different to corruption in his.

    He just wants to own his own actions, to exist in is own right.

  3. Lily

    Ugh! I know! I don’t really see the literary merit i that is accredited to that book. It is horribly written and there really is no less to it. I just don’t understand people sometimes.

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