Trouble In Music Downloading paradise!

Grr! i really REALLY want the new All American Rejects song, Gives You Hell, but i can’t find a single place that will let me download it. Itunes is being an uberbitch, and everything else is either acting up or illegal! Can someone please send it to me?? my email’s if you can, thanks a bunch, if you can’t that’s fine. i’ve got tons of songs, so if anyone’s looking to trade, i can be of service. here’s a few other songs i’m looking for:

Red Jumpsuit Apparatus- face down

Kelly Clarkson- My Life Would Suck Without You

Abba- Honey, Honey

Paramore- Decode


thanks again!


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4 responses to “Trouble In Music Downloading paradise!

  1. Hiya hun…
    Thanks for the comment it made me chuckle lol, have you tried Limewire for download?

    • Well, my school uses laptops instead of books, and almost all of the nonschool related sites are blocked, minus yahoo and google. the only reason i can have this blog is because the teachers use wordpress to give us our homework. and i don’t have a home computer…

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