Ech! why do people do that? they make the mistake of having unprotected sex, and then that teeny tiny little baby has to suffer! it isn’t right. today in bio we were doing presentations, and a couple of girls did theirs on abortion. do people actually have an abortion at nine months? because at that stage, you have to give birth to the baby anyways, it’s just dead, instead of letting it live and giving it up for adoption. it’s murder. My mom almost had me aborted, you know. at three months. if it weren’t for my father, who, i might add, deserted us the day after i was born, i wouldn’t be here. how sad is it that the father who abandoned me, loved me more then my own mother, who after having two more children, ran off, leaving us with our aunt? no wonder my self esteem’s shit. have you seen how they ‘abort’ the baby? they reach in, flip it over, and stab it in the back of it’s neck, sucking the brain out so that the skull collapses! and for all of this, the baby is alive, and can feel it all. the only person in this thing who’s as bad, if not worse, then the mother, is the abortionist, who does this hundreds of times a day. abortion should be illegal. so much for the bond a mother shares with her child. if a mother can kill her unborn child, it’s no wonder they can drown thier children in tubs, and fathers can starve a couple of toddlers to death.


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8 responses to “Abortion

  1. Your opinion on abortion will probably change as you grow older. I have been totally against it, pro-choice, totally against it and back to pro-choice again.
    It is a massively complicated area to discuss as naturally feelings run high.
    It is however more than just a case of killing a baby.
    What if you had been brutally raped and found yourself pregnant? Could you really carry that baby to term? What if you decided to have the baby and have it adopted but suffered from ante-natal depression (increasingly common in even the most wanted pregnancies let alone this scenario). would you be able to cope? Would you be able to give up the baby? If you kept it would you be able to bond with it knowing it’s origin?

    Yes, having unprotected sex and then turning to abortion to solve this is awful, but even the most careful person can slip up, condoms can tear, the pill has a slight risk of failure. What then?

    What about those cases where the mother would die or be made seriously ill by carrying the baby?

    What about a baby discovered to have a serious disability?

    There are so many reasons that various people find acceptable circumstances for abortion, where do we draw the line? WHo gets to decide where that line is drawn?

    I have two children myself, but have been told not to have any more for my own health and well-being. If I found myself unexpectedly pregnant what would I do? Would I try to have the baby and hope it worked out ok or have an abortion? The answer is – I don’t know. I would need to be in the actual position before I could decide.

    That would probably the case for you. Until you are there, in that moment, you have no idea how you will react.
    Abortion is something that has always been around, surely better to have it safely and quickly in a hospital than with an old wire coathanger in a dirty back room….

    • ISeeYourPoint

      I know that there are some extreme cases like that, and i think that for special cases, like rape, for example, abortion may seem like a acceptable choice. or if the mother had an illness that prevented safe pregnancy. but doing it simply because you made a mistake or don’t want to care for a special needs child is not right. if abortion is a must, then there should at least be a certain time limitation. after twenty weeks, the baby can feel pain, and at four months, the excuse that they didn’t know they were pregnant can’t be used. and yet, people have abortions at nine months! a full grown, fully developed and ready to love baby, killed, and pulled out, like a loose tooth. and why would a mother feel remorse over giving her child up for adoption, but not for having it killed? i’d think knowing your the reason that little pink baby is dead is worse then knowing that he/she is alive, and happy! plus, abortion is very dangerous, and most of the time, if you have one, you won’t be able to have anymore children. in the news there was a guy who killed his baby boy when he wouldn’t stop crying. that baby boy was 2 months old. and people were furious at that man. but a mother has a baby just two months younger then that little boy killed and then removed from her body is protected from shame by the old ‘a woman has the rights to her own body’ shit they try to feed us. and i have been there. i’m the reason my youngest sister is still alive. my mother wanted to have an abortion, but she didn’t, because i wanted to see what a baby looked like. as you can see, my mother was(is?) prochoice. and not one of us were planned, either. we were the ‘oops, i slept with a guy who’s not my husband let’s get rid of the evidence’ babies. so you can see why i’m anti abortion. and for the record, if i was raped, i’d keep that baby, because no matter who the father is, that baby is a part of ME, and there is no way i’m giving that up.

  2. Yi

    Personally, I don’t see abortion as killing a baby. I think to regulate abortion would be regulating what one can do with her own body, which goes beyond the power of governments. Further, just as a woman should have the choice to not care for her child, she should have a choice to simply not have the baby. I think it’s unfair to require someone to carry such a heavy responsibility as pregnancy.

  3. then if she didn’t want to have a baby, she should has taken certain precautions, such as birth control, condoms, and gasp! waiting until she was ready to get pregnant! at 20 weeks the baby has developed nerves and can feel the blunt tipped scissors severing its head from its neck! if someone did that to you, would it be concidered killing you?

    • Yi

      The fact of the matter is that many people, oven in the underserved and poor populations, are not going to take precautions. Education about safe sex and contraceptives is what’s important, not banning abortion. Abortion is necessary as a safe net for some, and simply a choice for other. Legalized abortion does not make people more likely to have unsafe sex or get abortions. Lack of education does. Conversely, banning abortion will not reduce abortions. When one needs an abortion because her life is in pieces, there is little to stop her. No one really gets an abortion unless it’s pretty much the only option. Laws will only make these abortions more risky.

      Also, nerves without consciousness are just electrical and chemical signals. They are not yet interpreted to have meaning. So therein lies a fundamental difference between me and the fetus in drawing the analogy. Still, I see your point and understand where you’re coming from. It is quite an ethical dilemma.

  4. but once you have an abortion, chances of getting pregnant are slim. why get rid of any chance of planned pregnancy because of a mistake? and yes, i know there are people who don’t want to have children, but if that’s true, why have sex? all it appears to do is cause problems and ruin people’s lives!

  5. Not true! This is such a total lie it can only be being spread by out and out anti-abortionists.

    A safe, medical abortion has no effect on your fertility. There is no change to your chances of having a baby in the future.

    What WILL have an effect if is you have unprotected sex and pick up an STI like chlamidia, left untreated this can seriously hamper your plans to get pregnant in the future.

  6. A_C

    people shouldn’t NEED a safety net. babies are gifts, and not everyone is capable of producing them, just like people aren’t always able to care for them. abortion is greedy, and i hate it. don’t end what for you is a burden, but to someone else is a miracle.

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