The Thing I Like Most About Guys

We all like guys. Every girl on the planet has looked at a man appreciatively at least once. We depend on them. Who else tells us we look great, when we know we look like shit? Who else can make you laugh, and in the same breath, reduce you to tears? Who else holds your heart in the palm of their hands, so easily crushed? They are our friends, our fathers, our crushes, our husbands, our boyfriends. And they have no clue. They don’t know that what they thought was a clever joke, is being interpreted by the girl they told it to and her friends while he lies, unaware, in bed. Silly, clueless boys… They don’t get that every smile the send our way, every glance held a second longer then neccessary  is evaluated over and over again by us insane girls. What i like most about boys is that even once they figure out how insane and crazed we are, they still love us. Are they now scarred forever, and terrified of any type of commitment? Definitely. But they’re still there.

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One response to “The Thing I Like Most About Guys

  1. sammers178

    I love this, honestly. It is written so perfectly! haha =)

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