God. people are so dumb sometimes. why can nobody see that just because he doesn’t have idiotic lines, and doesn’t like to act via words isn’t a bad thing? If you just take the time to watch his face when he’s acting… you see all the emotion right there, in those beautiful brown eyes. but no. he doesn’t talk loudly, or accept every stupid role he’s given, so he’s classified as a bad actor. and then he plays some more… controversial roles, and they put him down for that!! I’d have to say that the only movie I seen him in that i disliked was Johnny Mneumonic, and that was just after the Matrix came out, so he was still fairly new. or he just likes having things poked into his brain. but that’s no reason to be so jerkish about it. ‘specially when it’s guys who are doing the putting down– they just wish they were that tall… lol…

p.s- i’m ranting about keanu reeves, fyi. don’t think i mentioned that in the beginning. lol…

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