i found this and agree full on!!

This was one of my favorite press conferences of all time. The one thing about doing interviews, is that normally people want to talk about what they have done. You give them a chance and they’ll go on and on about it, which is great because that’s what we’re looking for. Keanu Reeves is a man of very few words, but when he speaks he’s brilliant.

Lol... Probably!

Lol... Probably!

I got the impression from Keanu that he really doesn’t give a fuck about what he says or how he’s perceived. Hell, he’s Keanu Reeves! The press hounds him, he has received less than great reviews on some (many) of his performances, and yet he has continued to work steadily for two decades in one of the most cut-throat industries and is one of the highest paid actors of all time. So yeah I kind of agree with his, ‘you can all go fuck yourselves I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing’ demeanor. At least the man is consistent!

To add to that, he gave one of my all time favorite answers to a question. Often at a press conference you get some pointless questions, but rarely do you get such a great retort.

Question: Keanu, this film is all about change, is there something about you you’d like to change about yourself?

At this point Keanu crossed his arms and leaned back in his chair and said completely deadpan…

KR: No, I’m perfect.

Everyone laughed and waited for him to continue, but he just sat back with a blank stare until everyone became uncomfortable and the conference moved on.

How brilliant is that?!

(this isn’t mine at all, i found it at some website and just had to post it!)

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  1. Gabrielle Stanley

    Re: I found this and agree full on
    How brilliant is that interview with Ka ah nu(Keanu) Reeves? I see he did not expound on the question mentioned, “Changing anything about himself?” In the character of the man I see Clearly His confidence in his maturity. And not ever needing to explain himself to anyone. But the point of being interveiwed is to inform, and I also add I only have this small portion of the interview. And to say I am mature or the ultimate of growth into what a Human Being was created to become is an excellent thing to be and have confidence in and possess in actually. Being in mind full well of the fulfilment of the qualifications to hold such an High Rank. I am sure I qualify and am willing to instruct on that which I have qualified for knowing that no one will be in want of understanding of the actual meaning of ” I am Perfect”. How is that for confidence? And would go to the ultimate of mature discussion, with Ka ah nu(Keanu) of the accurancy of the definition of the Hebrew word, that is if he would to expound further on his meaning of “Perfect” and How he qualifies for the Rank?

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