I think My Aunt’s Drunk.

yeah. so, she comes home from Wal-mart, and the first thing she says to me is, ‘i bought alcohol!’. like i care? i don’t even know why she bought it. it’s not like, beer, or anything. it’s like the kind of alcohol you’d have at a party. the last party we had at my house was my little sister’s ninth birthday. not really something you celebrate with kahula and margaritas. she’s an odd person. i think being single mother to three children that she had no part in creating has finally gotten to her. i guess it’s time to start looking at crazy home for her. *shakes head in apparent shame* i knew it would come to this. i just knew it. now we’ll be all alone, no one to feed us, get us clean clothes… and… and… AND NO ONE TO TAKE ME TO THE MALL THIS SATURDAY!!!!!!!!!! * wails like dying animal for several hours* heh… just kidding. but seriously. what normal adult brings chocolatey flavored alcohol into a house where a sixteen year old resides? because, while i loathe any alcohol at all, if i can’t taste, then what the hell, gimme a glass, and keep it coming!


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3 responses to “I think My Aunt’s Drunk.

  1. Hahahaha one time my mom was drunk and tried to carry my very tall gangly cousin outside. My mother is very short and not really strong enough to carry someone like my cousin, especially not while drunk. Earlier that night my other cousin’s fiancé was drunk and started throwing fudge at people. Lol my family is a crazy bunch of drunks… not really, just on holidays.

  2. You just described MY aunt. The entire family is convinced she’s an alcoholic… she passed out on the beach in front of her 13-year-old son once. It was pretty awful. And she’ll randomly start crying and engage in these nonsensical debates with anyone who disagrees with her. Once she got locked in an argument with my dad about why day care workers should make just as much as doctors because they work just as hard, and ended up sobbing when Dad tried to talk sense into her. It’s horrible.

  3. hehe That sounds like a very…interesting aunt. lol

    Chocolate-flavored alcohol? Maybe it’s just me, but that doesn’t seem good at all.

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