Scared to Death

wow. when i saw the Lebanon ohio, i about died. see, i am a crazy person, and my latest fave actor is from lebanon (not ohio, but as soon as i saw lebanon on my blog, i froze) and… *take stablizing breath* ithoughtthatmaybejustmaybehehadreadmyblog, whileconvienientlyforgetingthathehasn’tbeenhomeinyears.

yeah. heh… i am insane.


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2 responses to “Scared to Death

  1. Ahahaha! That’s pretty hilarious. XD Who is the actor? But I can see myself getting all excited like that if somebody from Flushing, Queens read my blog. I would immediately think OH MY GOSH FRAN DRESCHER IS READING MY BLOG! And then remember she lives in California now. Or at least I think she does. Hmm… maybe she’s back in New York… I wonder…

    • lol… i have this everlasting hope that one day someone famous and hot will read my blog and fall in love with me! Or they’ll make a tv series based on my blog. or something. *sigh*… but one day it’ll happen. one day… and when i’m accepting my nobel peace prize, i will of course thank wordpress for giving me yet another reason to blow off high school and write meaningless posts! lol…

      and the actor who i currently am obsessing over is…………………. *whispers* keanu reeves. yeah…………. i don’t even know. it is what it is, really.

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