The Strangeness that Is A Clean House/Cialis Tissue Box–WTF?!?!

My house is clean. Like, truly, honest to goodness clean. And i gotta tell you… I’m liking it so far. see, some lady had to come to our house and basically see if we deserved to live in our house for another year. and our house, being the home of two teenagers, a nightshift mom, and a nine year old tomboy, was in no way shape or form clean. truthfully, it was a total, utter mess. and, on top of being incurably messy, we tend to procrastinate, which means that the day before inspector lady came over, we were cleaning the hell out of our house. not a fun way to spend a friday. Super not fun when you’re sick and every time you bend over you feel like puking your brains out. but we somehow managed to get our house perfectly cleaned in 27 hours. and now, even if the lights are off, i can walk from my doorway all the way to the dining room without falling and impaling myself on the arm of our hideous green sofa. i’m so happy! (puts maid marian ala men in tights inflection on words) not nearly as happy as i was when i realized that today is saturday, and i still have a whole day before i have to go to school! yay!!! on a weirder note, i have recently realised that the tissue i have been clinging to for the last few days has cialis printed on all four sides. why, oh why must my box of tissue be marred with erectile disfunction medication? the commercials with the bathtub people are bad enough, but this is just too much! and how did a box of cialis tissue even get into a house filled with girls. well, my cat’s a boy, but he was fixed, so i don’t think he needs cialis. and i don’t even think boy fishes have penises? do they? hmm… *strikes contemplating pose* i must ponder this insightful question elsewhere. good bye for now, avid readers.


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2 responses to “The Strangeness that Is A Clean House/Cialis Tissue Box–WTF?!?!

  1. Well I’d like to let you know that my house is always a pigsty. Two teenagers, a mom who does a 12 hour day of work, two cats, two dogs… lets see what else have we got here? I think that’s it. Anyway my house is always a mess, and like you, we are big procrastinators, and do not clean unless our life is being threatened by our mother hahaha (that was a joke, my dad is usually the one threatening my life, but don’t worry I don’t live with him). I think that male fish do have a penis, because they have to send out a tube to aim the sperm at the eggs. Hahaha ok enough said about that, see ya on the south side… :/ (yea I’m weird)

  2. I think the tissue box with erectile disfunction pills on the side is genius. Any men coming into the house that upset any of you; you can point to the tissue box and say
    “If you make us use these (tissues), we’ll make you use them(pills)”
    I always enjoy visual threats!
    As for house cleaning, my how I sympathise. I was sick and housebound for eight years. I didn’t give a two craps about the state of the house and was just pleased if we avoided quarantine. Well, recently I got better and blitz the house. There’s only me, Mr Ness, our wee 7 year old daughter and a sarcastic cat living here but the place was fit to be condemned. But it’s been cleaned, the family have been sworn to a cleaning treaty and, hopefully, I won’t have to clean that hard for a long time. The point I’m coming to (yes, there was one in there I promise) Is that you may have hated the big clean (doesn’t help with the puke sitting in your throat) but at least it’ll be a good long time before the next one!
    Bugger, this comment is longer than your post… Note to self, find self edit button and apply!
    Really enjoying your blog Lady Brown Person, look forward to your future posts.


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