i’m going to take the psats in october. am i crazy? i mean, my friend Ami is thinking about taking them, too, but she’s in a bajillion AP classes. the last AP class i was in was sixth grade, when they put me in the AP 8th grade english. i mean, if you take the psats, there’s a chance of getting a scholarship, which would be amazing, since i can’t afford college. are they super insanely hard, though? i looked at some psat practice questions, and there’s some stuff i need to brush up on (all math, i might add.) but for the most part it didn’t seem too excruciatingly difficult. should i risk it?


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2 responses to “PSATs

  1. If it doesn’t affect your grade if you fail then I don’t see why not

  2. Nic

    whats the UK equilvalent and I may be able to help 🙂

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