Inability to use a Camera Properly

My friend Ashley seems to be physically incapable of taking good pictures. we weren’t doing much in drama today, and let her use my camera. i swear to God, half the pictures she took you couldn’t even tell that they were of actual people. granted my camera is slightly old and crappy, but i can take good pictures with it, so… On a different note, i am officially enjoying my junior year. I’m in my niche, so to speak. Wow. it’s been about four hours since i started this post. i had to stop because my last three classes aren’t exactly easy to get away with not doing my work. Anyways… Ashley can’t take good pictures. oops. already past that. junior year- my golden egg. it’s just so nice to be a junior. you just have this… thing, you know? where, you feel like you finally belong, and no one can take that away from you. Well, i bet when i started this i had something really nice to say. but i can’t remember what it was, so i’m just going to wrap this up and then reply to the forums. See Y’all!


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3 responses to “Inability to use a Camera Properly

  1. I think I’m an Ashley. My finger is in the picture OR its blurry. EVERY. TIME.

  2. great blog keep up the good work

  3. Well aren’t you just so lucky? I hate my school and don’t understand how so many people are excited to be there everyday

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