Frank the Injured Butterfly

Hey peeps. i know you’re all just dying to know what happened with Frank the injured butterfly. I’m assuming that’s the reason my why am i still awake post was so popular. i hope it’s not because i told myself to shave. (which i forgot to do.) because that would be ten kinds of creepy. Frank is a butterfly that was clinging to the wall  by my front door. it was really windy outside, and his wings were all torn up. he was still alive though, so i brought him inside until the wind stopped. then i put him outside. i took a video of Frank, but i left my camera at home, so you’ll have to wait until i get home to see it. Frank is now dead, in our failure of a flower pot. We’re having a memorial service for him after school. Also in the video, i’m not sure if you’ll be able to hear it, but i’m yelling at my cat because he was trying to eat a centipede. *shudders* i hate those things.

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