1 Year Anniversary!!

yay!! tomorrow will be the one year anniversary of my blog!! *beats pinata mercilessly* i’m fairly shocked i stuck with it this long… but i’m proud! oh so proud. thank you, my readers, for giving me a reason to blog. if it weren’t for you, i’d still be floundering around, looking for somewhere i could express myself. thank you all so much! (wow… i sound like i just won an Emmy, or something… *rolls eyes at self*)


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5 responses to “1 Year Anniversary!!

  1. yvon69

    Your blogs are such fun to read. How do I add you to my blog roll? I haven’t quite figured this wordpress bloggy thing out yet… I’m a first-timer old-timer, I guess you could say. 😉

  2. yvon69

    And how do I get rid of this moderation nonsense… I find it quite pesky, don’t you?

  3. Maria Niña

    Oh… Belated Happy Birthday to your blog…!!!!
    That’s nice… How I wish my blog could reach one year too.. LOl..

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