how do teachers stand teaching us day after day without committing suicide, or being committed? Today i had an abortion. and my wife cheated on me with the marriage counselor, who left her for me, but i found my wife cheating with the divorce lawyer, so i killed her. And now i some how am having triplets. if i remember correctly. So very strange, we are. between my drama friends, and my regular friends, i don’t know how i even function. what at one time may have been mistaken as shyness has been revealed to simply be me being too tired to do anything crazy, having been crazy all day long with my friends! lol…

Also, most of these pictures were taken by the infamous Ashley. See inability to use a camera post for more info. lol…


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7 responses to “Drama

  1. How do you do those thumbnails? For the life of me I cannot figure it out!!

  2. By the way, your class looks awesome. How come drama classes are always, like, the best places ever? I’m not even serious about acting anymore and drama is my safe haven. We’re a crazy bunch of teenagers, but my teacher puts up with us rather willingly. I guess that takes a very special sort of person.

  3. 3rd comment in a row… I officially fail. I keep posting things and then realizing I have more to say!

    Which ones are of you? For as long as I’ve been following this blog I don’t think I’ve yet seen a picture of the infamous Amber… I think I’m ready. *dramatic music*

    • I’m still not sure how i posted these pictures and they ended up being all nice and organised! i just uploaded them, and that’s what they did! if i ever find out how to do it on purpose, i’ll be sure to let you know! lol… And i am the one in the……… hmm… perhaps i should keep my identity a secret, as it seems to perplex thee so? *contemplates for an unneccessary amount of time* i think i shall post a better, matbe not so blurry pic of meself. Ashely took these, and she’s a special person as far as camera’s go! lol… or there’s a pic of me on my newer blog, in the about amber page. i think. i may have changed it, but i was up super late last night, so i can’t be sure… lol.

      ps- did you change your blog’s adress? because for some reason i can’t access it. which is very upsetting, since i do so enjoy your blog, with its random nanny references, and hedgehogs. (btw, i WILL succeed in bribing you into giving me one! lol…)

  4. Hrm, really? I did change it from cocoadork.wordpress.com to cocoadork.com, but the wordpress address is supposed to redirect you. o_O My blog should still work. Just try leaving out the wordpress and see what happens. And glad to know you like it! XD As for the hedgehogs, maybe some day… in your dreams…

    • Well, it does redirect me, but my computer’s school issued, and for some reason it saw fit to block your blog. Are you posting plots to take over the world in a violent, and unnecessary manner again? *shames* jk, but really, it’s just my stupid laptop that’s the prob.

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