MIssing the 90’s

I wish we still lived in the nineties. good music, good movies, mixed tapes, beanie babies… I love it. Now we have crap music, hit or miss movies, Itunes, and those awful Bratz dolls. ew.I remember back when the only things that were digital were clocks and watches, when those jelly sandals were the hot new thing, instead of crocs. When vcrs were the height of technology, along with beepers and walkie talkies. And when schools didn’t learn solely on computers, and the coolest thing about computers was playing oregon Trail every Wednesday. And every other word was surrounded by air quotes. Before Twilight, dvds, bluray, ipods, surround sound… before everyone over the age of nine had a cellphone. i wish i had known then to appreciate what i had, before 2005 hit, and everything snowballed.


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3 responses to “MIssing the 90’s

  1. I loved beanie babies!! We had like…a million of them.

  2. My cousin used to collect beanie babies and I still have a few myself hahaha. I even have a whole binder of Pokémon cards still. The ORIGINALS not the stupid new ones that are from outer space, half of which can talk. All the music now-a-days sucks. Most of my music is from the early 00’s or late 90’s. I can’t wait till people get over this whole technology rush and get back to basics.

  3. I agree. The nineties even smelled better – like a wooden high school gymnasium floor, new shoes, and optimism.

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