My Feet hurt. I Shall Slice Them Off, And My Pain Will Be Relieved!

Yeah. My feet hurt. Like, majorly. On the plus side, this is the last week of school before fall break! yay! *insert random happy dance here* I bet all you public schoolers are jealous now, huh? Only two months into school, and we already get a break. When’s your next break? December? Lol… Just kidding. While we may have a lot of breaks, we also have modified year round, which basically means that while we do get long breaks, we don’t get the little holidays off, and we start school in July. Which I’m cool with, because summer vacation is SO boring! but, that’s in the past now, so… Who’s ready for Christmas??? I am! I almost caved again last night, though. I watched the first ten minutes of the Santa Clause before I regained control of my body and turned it off. It now lies in wait, patiently, in my dvd player. i don’t think I’ll last the weekend.

I’ve made some head way on my grandma’s gift, though. The book I got is now more then halfway full of drawings! *kicks pile of crumpled up papers under bed and strolls off, whistling inconspicuous tune* And i found a bunch of place setting ideas that are Christmas themed, and a bunch of cookie ideas! here’s my list of gifts so far (mostly so i don’t forget. which i will do anyways, which makes this list totally pointless. yay pointless things!)

Grandma- sketchbook of my drawings

Aunt #1- Nightsky painted rocks (for, like, a pathway.)

Aunt #2- Cow book (she loves cows, and i like to make books. treela!!)

Uncle- book of Finnish Recipes (he’s finnish, and loves to cook!)

Cousin- decorated hairclips (ribbons, glitter, etc)

Sister #1- dress up stuff (she loves dressup, and i know my old stuff’ll be put to good use!)

Sister #2- high heel lessons (she can’t walk in heels to save her life. Must fix that.)

Cat- cat treats (haven’t actually found a recipe for cat treats, but if all else fails, i’ll get some from the free sample lady at petsmart!)

Dog #1- dog treats 9found a good recipe for these. just need to figure out what wheat germ is. hmm…)

Dog #2- same as dog #1.

Fish- clean fishtank (hasn’t been cleaned in months! *blush* Tain’t my fish though, so…)

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  1. Hey, I found your blog in a new directory of blogs. I dont know how your blog came up, must have been a typo, anyway cool blog, I bookmarked you. 🙂 🙂

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