What i Aspire For (To? I don’t know. not an english teacher.)

Is it really so wrong that i want to be a nanny? That instead of putting myself through years of boring colleges, and student loans, and things like that, I want to use my talents in my favor? I can’t do math well. I’m not interested in history or science enough o pursue anything in those fields. i can write, i can sing, and i can take care of kids. Kids love me, and i love them. i can get them to do the things i want them to, without a full out screaming match. Ive been able to make a bottle single handedly since i was eight. I know the signs of teething, colic, dirty diaper, sleepiness, hunger… Plus i can clean, and cook, and run errands and stuff, so… And i know it won’t be all perfect, like in mary poppins, but i also know it won’t be as bad as in the nanny diaries. it’d be fun, it’d be hard, and i’d love it. it’s my dream job, and i don’t care what anyone has to say about it.


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