Emo Weekend

You know how I was all excited about the drama lock in at my school? Well, I severely underestimated how depressing the night would end. it started out fine, just playing a few get to know each other games, snacking, and having a good time. Should have known something was up right then. After the part of the night where we did skits, we all made a circle on the stage and closed the curtains, just the kids, no teachers or chaperones. the drama club officers would then stand one at a time, read a statement, and if you think it applied to you, you had to stand, too. at first it was fairly tame stuff. Like, Are you in a drama class? but after about five questions, it took an immediate turn for the worse. questions about abuse, and using sexuality for personal gain started popping up. Afterwards, almost everyone was in tears, and the few who weren’t were comforting the crying people. kids admitted to attempting suicide, and abusing drugs and alcohol, and stuff. all the little boxes of emotional shit you keep locked away inside you ripped open for everyone to see. i learned things about my friends that i never would have guessed, otherwise. And they learned things i never wanted anyone to learn about me.

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  1. No chaperones? Hrm… that’s, um, not good. And I am so sorry about that… that’s kind of horrible. I would never want to play that game- there are things I DEFINITELY don’t want people to know about me that would come out. I am so sorry that your lockout took such a horrible turn!

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