Return of Me

Hey, all. I’m back, after a fairly uneventful holiday break. as per tradition, the events that i managed to remember from the break have been deemed important enough to blog about.
1. applied for two jobs; one at Bookman’s, the other at KFC.
2. got a call from a book publishing company.
3. succumbed to the beast that is Twitter.
4. got invited to a tour of Grand Canyon University’s campus.
5. saw District 9. shall never bite my nails again. ever.
6. saw 9. loved it.
7. decided that Elijah Wood is too cute to have facial hair.

That pretty much sums up my winter holidays. i’m also thinking about auditioning for our school’s musical. If i can find the guts to, that is.


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11 responses to “Return of Me

  1. WTF. How is it that you can be gone for a MONTH and I write everyday but you still manage to have 540 more views than me? Lol you are so going down.

  2. this is what happens when you put up a picture of a sexy beast man!

  3. lol and what picture is this? I have seen no such picture on here. hahahaha

  4. um… the picture right there, beside the page heading. kinda easy to spot, fyi.

  5. hello! thanks for checking out my blog. Um, if I may ask, how’d you get to it? I just want to see if there’s actually any hope of people checking out my posts. Thanks for the advice, btw. And yeah I just don’t know how or where to go to to categorize my posts! :0 If I try to edit my posts and look well around the page, would I be able to find a way to categorize my posts? Cause that’s what I’m gonna be doing. hehe Thanks again! 😀
    I would mention to everyone to check my blog out, but I’m worried everyone would get confused cause I don’t have anything categorized! 😮 I have a calender, but I suppose once it’s February all the January posts won’t be seen that way. haha My super duper bad.
    0.o “super duper bad” btw is lame, so don’t use it. haha blogger to blogger, socialist to socialist. that goes for everyone reading this. hehe

  6. Thanks willowbatel. I figured this out a few days ago already, but it’s nice of you to give me advice. 🙂 I checked your blog out too. It’s cool, with neat titles, but the post was overwhelming for me, sorry. 😦 I’m sure they would’ve all been good reads though. Could you check my blog and see how mine compares? Oh and the pics are a bonus. You know, pictures catch the reader’s eye more than just words. I learned that after I already made like 10 posts. hehe

    • Lol I’m not too offended that you didn’t read anything of mine. When you decided to read my blog, you have to make a commitment lol. I’m thinking of posting something tomorrow consisting entirely of photos.

  7. Yeah, sorry about offending. I know I can get super pissed at some comments. Long posts comments actually help me though. Well, I now know, but what I write in my posts I care more. haha Yup, if you want to check my blog out, commitment is a must. Oh wait! Pics ARE nice, but words are cool too. The main thing is that YOU have fun. It doesn’t matter if no one else catches what you write, unless that’s what you’re here for. hehe But I believe what you write should come from your heart, not just making posts specifically, word for word, just to please audiences.

    • I had been meaning to get the post up all week but it takes time to do. I had to find all the pictures I wanted (from both my phone and my email,) check to make sure I didn’t already have them saved on my computer, get them all in order, and the save them into the post. Except then I had to go back through my phone and email to see when the pictures were taken so that everything was in order. It took me about an hour lol.

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