I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I

Sorry for the uber, UBER long absence. I don’t even have a good explanation as to why I was gone for two months. I haven’t been that busy, I don’t have any major projects due, and my computer hasn’t even broke yet this year. I just got bored with it for a while, I guess. Honestly, I’m shocked people have still been reading this, and commenting! I haven’t checked yet, but i think I still have more views the Willow, btw. Hee Hee Hee… Love ya, Willow! So, the things that probably would have been good things to blog about, that I didn’t, and don’t want to blog about now. Also, these things will most likely be referenced in future posts.

  • I auditioned for the musical, and I’m in the chorus.
  • Had another lock-in. Just as fun as the first one.
  • Cut my finger on a stupid food processor I got for my birthday. It hurts to type now.
  • I found out that somehow everyone at my school seems to have a blog here, and yet I have yet to come across any of them. Weird.


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6 responses to “I’m Back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I

  1. Um no. You don’t. I’m ahead by about 2,000. And I’ll be rubbing it in your face for a while lol.
    Nice to have you back again. It’s no fun competing for views with a 2 month old blog.

  2. Nic

    woo hoo!! your back :D:D

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