Punishment for Willow

Willow dissed one of my dream men. This. Is. PAYBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jared Leto- 30 Seconds to Mars, My So-called Life, two of my favorite things, and he’s in ’em. He’s a hottie.

I’ve got two words for you: Yum. (please note that he’s innate hottness has rendered me unable to count, thus making me equate ‘yum’ as two words.)

Robert Downey Jr.- Someone once said he looked like Johnny Depp. I was intrigued, then disgusted.

Alex O’Laughlin- This, my dear folks, is what a REAL vampire looks like. Edward ain’t got shit on Mick St. John.

There. Now everyone has a good dose of eye candy, I regain my throne, and Willow wallows in self pity. ( now i’m giggling. Willow wallow.) Lol…


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10 responses to “Punishment for Willow

  1. Lol the only cute one is the first one. With a body like that, how can he not be? The rest are… let’s just say your taste in guys is weird. Lol. The vampire guy maybe. But that picture isn’t very flattering.

  2. you’re not a very good gay guy, then. i have it from seven other people, male and female, around my age who agree with my tastes wholeheartedly. lol…

    • Ummm….. Haven’t you read through my last few posts yet? I’m going to bring out all of my stuffed animals from when I was little and have a god damn tea party with them. When I’m home alone on Monday, I’ll get a collection of cute guys for you to look at. And then you’ll see that you are, in fact, delusional.

      • I await this list ever so patiently. but i’m right. i got an eight year old to fall for johnny depp, and everyone loves robert downey jr. even if he is a bad boy. not everyone knows who jared and alex are, but those who do , love them to pieces. i love you, willow, but i still think i have better taste in men then you. prove me wrong, friend. prove me wrong. lol…

      • An 8 year old? Big deal. They don’t have any taste of their own at that age, so you really didn’t accomplish anything special. Lol.
        Hahaha. Alright. We’ll have a guy off. The one who posts the cutest guy wins. You’ll have to wait until Monday before I can do anything. I’m not even supposed to be on here now lol.
        I must say though, I’m really irritated I can’t start now. This is the funnest assignment I’ve ever had. Lol.

  3. nemosangel

    omg jared leto is mine hes my sexy beast!!!!! so there!!!

  4. Jounouchi Katsuya

    Jared Leto- Hot, but only in that picture.

    Alex O’ Loughlin- They need to clone him so I can have one. Lololol.

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  6. Somebody blow out the fire!! Bare feet and bare torso – killer combination! I haven’t even seen this guy in the movies! The rest, not too good. Probably has to do with the lighting the Jared Leto pic has got and the others dont.

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