Sexy Men. I Pulled out all the stops this time, Willow.

Hadyen Christiansen- Hot. I loved him in Jumper.

Orlando Bloom- I would carry his children.


Ewan MacGregor- he can sing, he has the most beautiful eyes… where do i sign up for his sperm?

James, from Twilight- say what you want about the movie, they were smart enough to have him shirtless the whole time. Twilight, you are redeemed.

McSteamy- i started watching Grey’s Anatomy because of him.

Milo/Peter- I love him. and don’t make fun of his mouth. he has a bunch of dead cells that make it look like that.

James Franco- Yum.

Leo DiCaprio- My favorite actor. Ever.

Bradley Cooper- I could eat him UP!!

Chris Pine- Kirk has never looked so good.

Also, a side note. McSteamy and Mr. Cooper up there? yeah, they are in the movie Valentine’s Day, and are easily the cutest gay couple in the world. You must see that movie, if only for sexy boy love.


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4 responses to “Sexy Men. I Pulled out all the stops this time, Willow.

  1. Hadyen Christiansen- I was going to post him lol.
    I was also going to post the last two.
    So… my taste in guys is still better. XP

  2. Jounouchi Katsuya

    Amber, I bow down to you. You are the master of amazing taste in guys. If this goes on for longer, my days at school will be much more…. Steamy. 😉

  3. Everyone I posted this time around you posed already! I was looking through to see who you’d got, when this quote caught my eye.
    “Where do I sign up for his sperm?” I couldn’t stop laughing when I read that. Oh lordy, you’re a crazy pants.

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