Sexy Men. More of Them.

Bon Jovi- My favorite man of all time. Even back when he had that awful hair do.

Joaquin Phoenix- I love those Phoenix brothers. I really do.

James McAvoy- Only guy I know of who can be as cute as a button, even when holding a gun.

Heath Ledger- I was just about crying when I searched him in Bing. We had the same birthday. He would be 32 as of Easter Sunday. And now I am crying. Great.

Ashton Kutcher- Men everywhere must hate him. He’s 30, and still looks about… 19? 20, maybe.

Keanu Reeves- don’t judge me. I love the guy, okay?

Jamie Oliver- I love this guy. He’s easily the sexiest chef I’ve ever seen. And that mouth…


Micheal C. Hall- He is adorable. Trust me. But he has cancer, Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, I think? And I decided I wanted to use a picture that kind of reflected that. Google him, though. You’ll see what I mean.

Adrien Grenier- ignore her- she’s stupid. and neither attractive, nor male. He, however, is a door and a ball.

Sorry. Last Hot Guy post. I swear.

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One response to “Sexy Men. More of Them.

  1. Ok Bon Jovi does look kind of cute.
    Joaquin CREEPS me out. He is not cute or hot or even good looking. He’s creepy. You loose major points for posting him lol.
    Heath just isn’t that good looking to me. He’s not ugly, but he’s just not that cute. Sorry. I love him as an actor, but not as a fantasy. Lol.
    I was wondering how long it would take you to put up Ashton.
    My mom LOVES Keanu. You two are weird.
    You pick the worst pictures. If you’re going to try and show a person looking hot, then show a hot picture. Sorry, just had to say it.
    Jaime… no. Why would you include him? No. Just no.
    Adrien is cute, but you picked a bad picture.

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