I decided that I like to doodle. I have these super fun new sharpie brand pens, which are basically just fine point sharpies, and I have about four pages in my super fun new 5 subject notebook just filled with random crap. Lots of hearts, butterflies, and stars. i also have just branched into little fat birds and snakes. And I drew Gary, from Spongebob. Wow. I can’t believe that this is what I’m blogging about. Doodles. i feel so mature… not. Ah, well. The fun doodles are also in blue, since I grabbed the wrong pens at the store. On another, equally pointless note, my hair is all ready to go for tonight. a bazillion curls, all Aquanet-ted into place, and I have been enjoying the confused stares immensely. When I get home I’ll post some pics for you guys. of the doodles, and my crazy hair.I also brought a dress to wear for the ‘fancy’ scenes, because no matter what Chelsea says about my black dress being a ‘black temptress’ dress, it is the most uncomfortable dress for dancing ever. it doesn’t breathe. I’m so excited for the musical. I love being on the stage, singing, and dancing. If anyone wants to see it, and can’t go, comment with your email, and I’ll email you a video of it, if i can. If you forgot, or I forgot to say, the musical we’re doing is Cinderella.  But I’ve had to  pause in between writing this post a zillion times, so I can’t remember what else I wanted to say. so bye!

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