It’s 4am on a Sunday, So I Probably Won’t Remember Posting This.

Okay, so i already posted my annual Personality post, and I’m almost ALMOST tired of posted naked man pictures, so I figured I’d post about friends. Because How people obtain them is always a mystery to me. Like, how I, a pudgy, short, fairly antisocial girl have managed to have more friends then my sister, who is (was) skinny, tall, and annoyingly socially active. Granted, she’s a bitch, but still. Shouldn’t people be gravitating towards her like she’s the Sun, or something, and just leave me to ignore the world in a corner, surrounded by books? Aren’t I the one that’s supposed to be shunned, as history (and my aunt) has shown is ‘the way’? Be all means, i should be a textbook loner. I read a lot, I’m in drama, I don’t really like going out, and I don’t talk to anyone. But all my friends read, a good two thirds of them are also in drama, and while some of them do like going places, it’s usually in small groups. As a matter of fact, a lot of my school seems to be that way. And I’ve been told that’s not the way high school works. Seniors, juniors, and sophomores hanging out on a regular basis? Couples seen making out in public laughed at? What heinous doing is this?! People don’t believe me, but I don’t think our school has any of the stereotypes high school is known for. Other then the scary black kids, we don’t even have cliques. At least, not heavily defined ones. Sure we have the ‘posers’, and ‘jocks’, and ‘geeks’. But everyone meshes together, and it just works. If a fight, or if someone spreads rumors, then those rumors are probably fairly true, and the fight was well deserved. According to my grandma, our school is very adult like. ha. She’s obviously never seen Oktober or Codie half asleep in the Drama hall, or heard Marisa comment on Mr Dexter’s ‘creeper juice’. And she definitely has never seen Michael and Dom in 5th period. I swear, if those two don’t end up married with kids, I’ll be surprised. I got a new phone Friday. It’s touch screen, and shiny, and I love it. it has internet, so be prepared for lots of random posts throughout the days.


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