Andrew Likes Slash

Ya’ll remember that super annoying, mega insulting kid Andrew? Apparently he likes slash. Now, I’m not sure what he was referring to, a comic book, a tv show… all I know is that in the fan fiction world, slash means boy love. The world’s most annoying, slightly homophobic person ever likes to read boy on boy romance. Hah. It pleases me. Not as much as the one (And I mean one) book I’ve managed to find that had a main character that was gay. A fiction story, too. Not a self-help book, or a nonfiction thing, but an honest to god, for pleasure only fictional story. And he wasn’t magically cured of his gayness, either. He got a guy. Not the guy, but a guy. I loved it. I read it a million times this summer.

On that subject, I met my first mean gay person over the summer. Granted, he was about 70 years old, and had just soiled himself, but it happened. He yelled at me, and called me a pain in the ass suck up. Then he spit at me when I started laughing. I think I like mean gay people almost as much as nice gay people! I wonder, is it terribly wrong that I want to just give all the gay people of the world, nice or not, a ginormous hug, and pair them all off? I don’t think it is.


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7 responses to “Andrew Likes Slash

  1. It depends who you pair us off with. Lol.

    • Don’t worry, you’d get a nice, smexy man. Only the best for my VBGF! (Very Best Gay Friend)

      • One who works at a chocolate factory please! If he came home smelling like chocolate everyday… you’d be made into a god and I’d start a religion based around you.
        I’ve never heard of VGBF, but I like it! lol.

      • Ahh, but I have already claimed Johnny Depp as my own, committed relationship with the mother of his children or not. Gasp! At Fry’s last weekend I found Willy Wonka chocolate bars!!!!!!!!!!!!! I haven’t had one of those since i was eight!. Twas tasty. Sorry. it’s midnight, i’m tired, and there’s an eerie blue light coming from the livingroom that worries me immensely.

    • Yeah I’m not so into Johnny. Hahaha. That’s practically an oxymoron.
      I hate random lights! Especially when you can’t eve seem to find the source!

  2. Jounouchi Katsuya

    I prefer the word yaoi, just because it’s fun to say, and Slash is the name of a famous guitarist. Hahahahahahaha yaoi. And I’m with you Amber, all of them deserve hugs. (Unless they’re evil, then no, but otherwise yes.)

    • Did you like the quote i added to my sidebar? I think it sums every argument ever had about Harry Potter versus Twilight nicely. And it’s easier to make characters from harry Potter gay then it is Twilight ones. Lots of HP’s characters’ sexualities are open to interpretation, but in Twilight, they’re all paired off from the beginning. Although, Bella is more then slightly mannish in appearances. Kyle agrees with me. Yeah, I read HP slash. How’s that for innocent, hmm? though, i DO stay away from smut/pwp stuff. Ew.

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