Improving My Talents in Bed… What?

Yeah, so there’s this kid on my bus, a junior, I think, and he has come to the conclusion that since I was reading a book on my phone that had one, ONE sex scene, I am learning how to be better in bed. Huh. He’s not a super close friend, so he doesn’t know about my vow to never have sex (Hey, funny thought. What if God is just playing with us with all the no lying, killing, etc, and all we really have to do to get into heaven is die a virgin? Just a thinkling.) and I can’t really hold that against him, but still. Even if I was doing that, would I really be doing it on the bus… on my phone… sitting next to someone? No, I would not. On another note, I really like drama. The class, not the one universal flaw all humans share. I wish I had gotten into it earlier, though. But at the same time, if I had started back in Freshmen year, I wouldn’t have all the amazing friends I have now. In some ways, I think I’m closest to my Drama friends. I can tell when they’re upset, or when they’re having an off day… It’s gotten to the point where I think a few of us are even on the same cycle. I dread leaving all this next year. And for what? A degree I’ll never use? A crappy apartment in the same city I’ve lived in for years? It just seems like, after 13 years of having every day of my life planned out, and having each day end relatively well, I’m scared of going off into the world, completely unprepared. Oh, if only I could just hide away from the world in the middle of a place with trees, weather, and no one else around for miles, and just write. And oh, to never have to hear my sisters guffawing about chest hair a few feet away from me. *sigh* Well, a girl can dream.


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2 responses to “Improving My Talents in Bed… What?

  1. Jounouchi Katsuya

    So, if you’re afraid of it, don’t think about it for a while. That’s how I stay so upbeat, I stay oblivious. I know that it’ll come eventually, but it doesn’t have to scare you now. Let it scare you when you only have a month left of school. That’s my plan.

  2. The last two sentences practically came from my own head. I swear, as soon as I can, I’m moving to the middle of no where.

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