My Busiest Day!

Yes! I have finally crossed the 100 daily view mark! It’s only 11:30, but I have 101 views so far! For the longest time, the most I’d ever get was 99. And it happened a lot, too. Which was odd. But who cares! I feel special!

I was looking for a ‘celebrate’ picture, but I found this, and I loved this show when I was little!!


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4 responses to “My Busiest Day!

  1. I still don’t understand how you’re able to get so many views. Like, what do you do all day that you’re getting all the visitors?

  2. Ashlei

    Its cause nobody at empire has anything better to do with their lives except go on Ambers blog a thousand times a day. 🙂 and Congratulations!!! XD


    I’m pretty sure almost anything surpasses the “awesomeness” that is school. 🙂

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