Just When My Hopes For Humanity Could Sink No Lower

Pro-Life Rabbi

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I hate people. So much. But most of all, I hate the stupid pro-choice, homophobic idiots that seem to populate this world. These particular people were trying to promote abortion, and their main reason for supporting it was to stop overpopulating the world. Pshh. These are the same people who are against letting gay couples adopt kids. When the only people who are allowed to adopt are wealthy married couples, available candidates are seriously depleted. Not even counting the couples that don’t need/want to adopt. I don’t get why adults make everything so frigging complicated, when it’s so simple. Let gay people marry, let gay people and single people adopt, and stop letting anyone who decides they don’t want a baby anymore get rid of it. And i think Immigrants shouldn’t be kicked out of America. I find that to be super dumb, considering the fact that America was founded by immigrants. How is this the ‘land of opportunity’ if the only people who can live here are the ones who can afford (not always monetarily) to wait while all the paperwork is being finalized and whatnot. And also, this post is the product of not sleeping at all last night, so it’s no surprise that I started it for a whole different reason, but didn’t even come close to making the point I wanted to. Yay. And i love my jewish Rabbi, BTW.


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3 responses to “Just When My Hopes For Humanity Could Sink No Lower

  1. The only reason why I could see getting married at all anymore is because of the legality of it. Marriage doesn’t really mean anything anymore. People get married, then break up a few months later. The only point anymore is so that it makes it easier for the parent that isn’t the sole guardian of the children to see them. And so people can see each other in the hospital if someone’s sick. I don’t understand why ONLY family memebers are allowed into the room with the patient. If they’re dating, they should be allowed in. Unless they look like they’re psychos of course.
    I do agree with abortion though. I think people should be able to choose whether or not they want to keep the baby. Because really, when does it become a human? If all that’s being removed is a little lump the size of a baseball, is it really murder?
    Immigration… I think there does need to be rules around immigration. If everyone was allowed to run from country to country, the basis of our government would fall as would many of the laws. I don’t know. I just feel like it would create more confusion and trouble than anything.

  2. I guess I get abortion is the mom or baby is in danger of dying anyways, or if the baby has some kind of disease, but just because you don’t want a kid just isn’t an option to me. ‘Specially the people who get partial births. Killing the wee baby while its being born, since technically it hasn’t left the womb yet and is thus so not a human yet. The baby’s always alive in there, moving and sleeping and eating, it’s just so small in the beginning you can’t feel it.

    • Why would someone carry the baby all the way to term and THEN abort it? That doesn’t make any sense. If you’ve gotten all the way to the point when you’re going to give birth, you should give birth.
      The baby, while it’s small, is just like another organ. It couldn’t survive without the mother, but is it really alive? I mean, at what point does it become a conscious being? When does it really begin to move and think and react? When is it a human? With modern science, you could have the baby four months early and the baby would live. I think I need to know more about when the embryo turns from being a blob of tissue, into a conscious human.

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