I’m Melting!


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The worst has happened. Our air conditioning has… DIED!!! The only break i get from this sweltering heat is when i go outside (A foreign concept to you fellow Southwesterns.) or stand in front of the fridge, which I have been banned from, until further notice. I can’t wait for the rest of that storm to hit us. We got a bit of it yesterday, so i’m hoping for more over the weekend.On a different note, i think there’s some kind of three year limit on any friendship I make. Because I’ve never had a friend for more then three years. Like, for the past few weeks, every morning instead of the ‘hello’s, and ‘how are you’s, and such, I get maybe one ‘hello’, and a million ‘where’s Trici’s. I hate it, not being one of those people who has friends they’ve known since preschool. Hell, I’d take 8th grade. But no, I get about ten friends, who, one by one, pull away, until I’m suddenly counting poeple I barely know as my best friends!So I’ve decided that as of right now, who ever i’m friends with, you’re stuck, with me for at least FOUR years. That way, the curse is broken. And if you’re unlucky enough to be on of my best friends right now, you’re stuck with me until I say so. So nyah.


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4 responses to “I’m Melting!

  1. Jounouchi Katsuya

    I think you should post that list so we know who we are. Lol. I would never leave you Amber. You know that. I have abandonment issues as it is.

  2. Ashlei

    amber our air broke also! for almost a week i hated my house lol XD and i wont leave you ever! you just have to talk to me more! XD besides I cant get away from you, you adopted me. XP mm i hope that beer was good.
    and if you want give me away to the magical oven!

  3. Sorry I haven’t commented on your posts lately. I haven’t read anyone’s blog in almost a week. I don’t know why, I’ve got plenty of time to do it, I just don’t. Forgive me?
    My air hasn’t worked all summer. We’ve had an army of fans working overtime all day in an attempt to keep the house cool. At night the windows are all opened, and the French doors are thrown wide. The 7 fans in our house are all turned on high and positioned so that cool air makes it to all corners of the house. By morning, the house has cooled 10 degrees at least. I hope your air fixes quickly though! lol.
    I know what you mean! I don’t ever have the same friends two years in a row. Three is stretching it. Ok, we have to make a vow to be friends for at least four years. Just so long as we don’t have to do a blood-brothers thing in the process.

    • Well, it’d be more like a blood siblings thing, since I am not a boy. And how hot does it get up there that you need so many fans and open windows?? Cuz my air broke when it was about… 105 degrees, I think. So, not as bad as it could have been.

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