My 5 Best Qualities

What i like about myself, without being vain, and listing all my physical qualities.

My sense of humor
I’m funny. I know this. Hell, people who hate me know this. people think that since I never get punished, I never get in trouble in the first place. Silly goslings. I just have an uncontrollable need to point out things that are, or could be, funny. Like, if my aunt is yelling at me or my sisters again, and she messes up a word, or says something mildly sexual, I point it out, we all laugh, and what ever minor infraction there was is forgotten. And when you have an aunt like mine, who slurs her words when she’s angry, you have a lot of options to be funny and get out of trouble.

My (Apparent) Cluelessness
It isn’t the fact that I am clueless, per se, but I look it, and that’s a good thing when you want people to do things for you. Like, if I tell someone at the store that i can’t reach something that I very clearly can, I possess the innate ability to look as though i couldn’t even if I tried. I haven’t had to get something from the top shelf at a store since I was seven, and really did need help.

My Toenails
Yes, i get it. ‘Toenails???’ But I do. I love my toenails. You know how some people can take 100% perfect care of their feet, yet still have fugly toes? I don’t take any care of my feet past lotion, but my toenails remain even, and set correctly in my toes. No ingrown nails, chipping, or oddly shaped toenails for me. Though, my pinky toe itself is slightly pointed…

My Tact
I see gross, or weird things all the time. I sit next to people who maybe should invest in a prescription strength deodorant. But, I know not to mention it in front of others. No one wants to be told ‘hey, i think you’re on your period.’ in the middle of class, do they?

My Writing
I love to write. Even if I sucked completely, I would still write. Hell, I might suck and not even know it! But I still do it. It’s a way to escape, to let go of all the crap life is full of, and just focus on what’s really important. or what’s not important. You can do anything when you write. If your dream was to be a singer, but you’re tone deaf, you can write about singing as if you were the next Celine Dion!

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2 responses to “My 5 Best Qualities

  1. Jounouchi Katsuya


  2. Ashlei

    lol XD My favorite quality about you is your creativity XP and congrats jamie.

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