A Ramble

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Utterly Alone

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Item #1

It’s official; I am incapable of being friend with anyone for more then three years. And I think you can stop counting people as your friends when they’re planning a friend’s birthday party, discussing who to invite, what to bring, etc, and don’t even notice me. I was in that damn hallway for a good ten minutes, and not one hello, not even a ‘hey, where’s Trici’, like I’ve become accustomed to. And I think they understood, at least on some level, that I was upset because no one asked for gum, like they always do. That’s what i am to them: a gum dealer, and a Trici GPS. So from now on, my only friends are the ones in drama, the ones who read this blog, and the poeple I have a class or two with who aren’t in that hallway every day. Which means, as of now, I have no friends who are older then me. Joy.

Item #2

I would like to know all your guys’ first impressions of me. Just to see if everyone is as bad at making them as I am. So no lying, and no sugarcoating things. if you thought I was going to be a huge bitch, say so.

Item #3

If I get called a freshman one more time, I will not be held responsible for what I will do to the idiot who does it. I am 17 years old! I have a senior laptop! I AM NOT THAT SHORT!!! 5′ 1 1/2″ isn’t that short! So what if I have a baby face! Lots of people do, but do you see them being called freshmen? No, ya don’t.


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8 responses to “A Ramble

  1. Ashlei

    I love you Amber I really do Im sorry your having a rough senior year but i really hope that gets fixed.
    second Im seriously not sugar coating anything but when I first met you l thought you were an adorable little freshman (sorry please don’t beat me up). You were funny and classy and totally yourself which is a really rare thing among people. I liked your nice attitude and how you act happy even when your not. I love your opinion on things and you always give me great ideas. Your funny and your talented at acting but mostly I love you because your a creative person. I KNOW your not a freshman and I have more respect for you now. (my elder) so you better not fucking ditch me when you go off to college live with willow and go traight to the baby making. XP
    I really have fun with you in drama class.
    oh and please dont kill me but Im to lazy to spell check this really long response your your blog.
    nice jokes by the way there funny and its a nice change of pace.
    I love you amber.
    and you are just one of the few people I liked the first time I saw them. and thats amazing amber.

  2. Jounouchi Katsuya

    You said no lying about the first impression thing, so don’t get mad. I thought you were a freshman, and I thought you were kind of oblivious and shy.

  3. Lol. Gum dealer. You could deal “gum” (weed) and make a lot more money. Then you could save up enough to get out of that fabulous town!
    I didn’t think you were a bitch, I just thought you were a ditsy white girl who loved cheerleading. Lol. You don’t mention cheerleading so much anymore though. How is it you can be a cheerleader at an ONLINE school exactly?

  4. It’s not an online school, ya doof, it’s a school that uses computers. We still go everyday, ride the bus, have teachers, get detentions… we just use laptops in place of books. And I never cheered at school. School cheerleading is retarded. i was a competitive cheerleader, for six years. then, high school came along, i managed one more year, before my schedule and my aunt made any out of school activities virtually impossible. So i quit, started taking drama, and have never been happier.

    • I know you go to a school, but isn’t most everything done online/ on the computer? All notes, essays and homework assignments?
      You’ve probably explained the cheerleading situation to me before. I apologize for forgetting.

      • You’d think so, right? But in reality, we do just as many assignments, notes, and essays on paper, we just have time to work on important essays, the ones that would have to be typed and printed at home, at school. And we have easier access to research sites. And blogs, where most all of us waste our oh so precious time. And I think i did a post when I first quit, but that was almost two years ago, so it most likely got deleted along with all my other stupid posts. Every year or so i just go through and delete the unimportant posts from the past year. Just to clean everything up.

  5. What’s the point of giving every student a laptop if all assignments are done like a regular highschool?
    You delete posts? Every post that’s ever been posted is still up there.

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