It Occurred To Me That…

A Master Lock brand padlock.

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I forgot to do my post lock-in post. So, here it is, in bullet form.

  1. Sydney was there! I haven’t seen her in literally months!!
  2. Trici and I made brownies- and were successful!
  3. Trici and i watched most of a Very Potter Sequel before the lock in, and it was super funny.
  4. Played the depressing game. Cried a lot, at the same parts i always do: suicide, living with people not your parents, etc. Got really annoyed with all the people telling me how lucky I am to not have lost a loved one. The rules weren’t to stand up if it was a true statement, they were to stand up if you felt the statement applied to you. And you didn’t have to stand up if you weren’t comfortable. Well, guess what? I wasn’t frickin’ comfortable. I didn’t lose someone in the traditional sense, they left me 100% voluntarily. And maybe, just maybe, I wasn’t okay with telling 30 strangers that little fact. Afterwards was really helpful, though. Just a half hour of sobbing in the bathroom, followed by another ten minutes or so of talking to my mom. Not literally, of course, just saying the things I’d like to say to her, you know? Remembering. It was really tough, since it was only a few days ago, nine years ago, that she left.
  5. had to wait outside with Gremel for two hours waiting for my aunt. Felt SO bad!


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3 responses to “It Occurred To Me That…

  1. Ashlei

    sydney was there?! omg i feel so bad.. i did not see her, second they should really stop having the depressing game, because no matter what something happens and everyone gets really bitchy 😦 third I think all of us should go on strike and stop playing it >.< lol

    • Jounouchi Katsuya

      I agree. And I saw her. XP

    • I think it’s a good thing. It creates an opportunity to tell people things about you that you wouldn’t really get a chance to tell them in a real life setting. People don’t exactly run around telling people that they are suicidal, or abused, or whatever. We just aren’t hardwired that way. Sure, we want people to know things about us, but we don’t want to be the one to tell them.

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