Mouse Trap

Domestic cat attacks a computer mouse

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We have discovered that we are not meant to have mice as pets. In only one night, three of them died. (we had four originally.) My idiot sister is blaming one of our cats, when she really only partook in the death of one mouse. (mine, of course.) So if anyone wants to save a mouse’s life, and take her off our hands, let me know. We have all her food, and bedding, and toys. Just no cage. it broke when my cat pushed it off the table. Yeah…. My sister keeps bursting into tears whenever i mention the mice. Ugh. She even said she wanted to get rid of our cat! She’d rather get rid of the cat we’ve had for half a year, then be in the same house as the ‘evil animal’ that ‘murdered’ two mice, who we’ve had for two weeks, tops! Idiot child, I swear. And, our microwave broke. I never realized just how much i used that thing, until i had to heat up leftover spaghetti in a pan. it took twice as long, easily!

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  1. At least you know that you won’t have to worry about mice in the winter. My cats were both afraid of mice. Lmao.

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