It Has Begun

Willow and his neighbor are having a hot guy contest. I figured you could all use a break from my emo posts, so here you go!

Jake Gyllehaal- Just watched Prince of Persia last night. Yum.

Jason Ritter- Yeah, so apparently he doesn’t photograph well, but he’s adorable, trust.

Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka- Kind of a package deal, you know? So cute, so sweet, it’s vomit-inducing.

Alexis Denisof- A yummy yum man. His name on Angel was much more fun, though. Wesley Wyndam Pryce. Cool, right?

Adam Baldwin- Yeah… A smallish picture, but i wanted one of his arms, so…

And that’s it for now. Do you have any idea how hard it was to find pictures that I hadn’t already used. I hope I didn’t have any repeats, but there were so many…


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5 responses to “It Has Begun

  1. Mickey

    Neil Patrick Harris is not too bad himself I was watching how I met your mother last night and man… yummy! Its a great show

  2. Mickey

    GOOD! You don’t need Trici! if she wants to be like that, thats her problem not yours! Ill start talking to you during drama more and everything will be ok. 🙂 I love you Amber always will. Feel better!

    ps. I apologize to Jamie for using the word gay derogatorily I really don’t mean to I just don’t realize how much I say that. I ll try my best to catch myself when I do that, cause its really not ok.. I don’t mean to offend you.

    ps ps. oh and thanks Amber for getting me into my spell checking habit! I know how much it bothers you so I have gotten into the habit of spellchecking! ❤

  3. My mom and I both REALLY wanted to see Prince of Persia. I want to see if for the actor and the story equally. My mom just wants to watch him run around half clothed lol.
    Only half of the pics showed up, just fyi.

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