The End of A Friendship

Mine and Trici’s emails over the past couple of days. We’ve gone from joining the Death Eaters together, to this. Sidenote, read from the bottom up.

Me to Trici- Oh, because that’s so much better. Much nicer to hear that. And you did, actually say that. You said that you got tired of hanging out with just me all the time.

Trici to Me- i hung out with other people. ididnt sat that i said always being around you got    annoying after a while
Me to Trici- And you’re being overdramatic when you say you only hung out with me.
Trici to Me- your being over dramatic. i hang out with other people
Me to Trici- It was hardly ever just us. We ate lunch together, and spent time together in drama, that’s it. And I went over to your house once. Which YOU wanted, YOU asked me. No one forced you to do anything with me. I was doing just fine by myself. And now you spend all your time with Elena. What’s going to happen when you get tired of hanging out with her all the time? Are you going to drop her like a hot plate, or still hang out with her, but just not as much? Man, I don’t know why I even bother trying. People can’t seem to leave me fast enough. it doesn’t matter anymore, I guess. You’ll do your thing, I’ll do mine. We’ll be fine.

On a diff. subject, it totally sound like I’m talking about sex. teehee.

Trici to Me- i just got tired of always hanging out with just u

Me to Trici- Clearly. I just wish it hadn’t happened so fast, that’s all. It’s been a while since I spent all my free time hiding out in the library. Gonna have to get used to it again. Also, I found it funny how as soon as I said you were my best friend, you stopped. but whatever. People leave, it happens.

Trici to Me- yeah people grow apart
Me to Trici- You don’t talk to me anymore. Not even to say hi. And I know it’s stupid, but I miss my friends. I miss you, and everyone in the hall, and all the people who were in drama last year, and I hate that no one even realizes how far apart everyone’s growing. We used to have a table together, and it’d be so full, people would be standing around it. Then, It was you, me, and ruby and cera, and then it was just me.  Anyway, Ashlei asked why i was sad yesterday, so I told her. She’s just trying to make me feel better, is all.

Trici to Me- what is she talking about? honastly?

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