Most Boring Life. Ever.

Hoaxed photo of the Loch Ness monster

Image via Wikipedia

My sister must have the most boring life ever. She believes in NOTHING!!! Not ghosts, or aliens, or Nessie, or Bigfoot… Not even the fact that one day technology will rebel! How do you go through life with no beliefs? And I mean religion, too. She says she believes in God, but not an afterlife. Aren’t the two kind of a package deal? Like, I don’t believe in God, necessarily, but I’m not naive enough to think we just appeared here out of nowhere, either! And thinking Earth is the only planet with life is just so incredibly self-centered. And not believing in Nessie is just dumb. Are we really supposed to believe that the only life forms we haven’t discovered yet are single-celled organisms? Why can’t there be a 25 foot tall sea lizard with flippers out there, still unknown? No wonder she has no imagination.



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3 responses to “Most Boring Life. Ever.

  1. Jounouchi Katsuya

    Nessie is a myth to keep little kids out of deep water so they don’t drown. Just like you should wait 45 minutes after eating before swimming. It’s a lie.

  2. That picture looks like it was taken in a bathtub. The waves are all at least three feet high if proportionate to the sea creature. And there is a large ring around the creature, as though it had just been dropped into the water.
    What I don’t understand is, after all these “sightings” how they’ve still not managed to prove yay or nay.

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