My Playlist for the One I Love, The One I Run To, The One I Can Depend On, No Matter What!

A list of songs that make me think of my gay white brother from another mother from another state. Which is not a mouthful at all, by the way. Not at all. I love you, GWBFAMFAS!!!

Get Out Of This Town by Carrie Underwood

Even though we're three states away from each other, this song fits me and Willow perfectly. It's about wanting to escape, to just fade away, and then it's just you and this person and the world, and it's just waiting for you to come and explore it.

Breathe (2 am) by Anna Nalick

A little iffy, but if you ignore the romantic undertones, it fits, too. We're both kind of different, kind of lost, I think. But this one thing connects us, and gave us both something we desperately needed. Now, he's not an alcoholic, and I'm not dating an asshole, so the literal lyrics make little to know sense when it comes to us. But the general theme is spot on, pardon my British.

Thank You for Loving Me by Bon Jovi

Kind of self-explanatory, don't you think?

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