10 Things That Make Me Happy

These make me smile indefinitely.

They keep your feet warm, they are cute, and they make me smile. If they don’t match, bonus!

Gay People
I want everyone to be happy, and gay people kind of personify that for me. Like, if two gay people can find happiness in a world so against them, anyone can.

Any accent, as long as it’s not American, because let’s face it, we’re nasally.

It’s the most wonderful time of year, after all. Why wouldn’t it make me happy. Even if I was all alone, I would love it.

Curly Hair
It’s so cute on other people, but mine is unmanageable, all super curly near the roots, but straight at the ends. Ick.

I love the little plumpies, with their pudgy arms, and tiny hands, and sarcastic looks…

Little Asian People
yeah yeah, not PC, whatever. Who cares about being PC? If I want to keep a little asian dude in my closet, along with little people.

Yup. I may not be a traditional teenage girl, but alas, even I am not immune to the lure of shiny, strappy high heels.

Medical Information
I’m slightly hypochondriac, so I like to learn as much as I can, so if I do have some illness, or something, I don’t go insane thinking it’s something more serious.

New York
It’s pretty much the one state where you don’t need to drive to get anywhere, you can just walk, or take a taxi. It’s cool.

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