New Things

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Hey all! Guess what happened to me the past few days? Well…

  1. Got my permit on the 1st! Score! Would like to post a pic, but even I know not to do that, and I’ve pretty much handed you all my personal information.
  2. Was… responsible! Ugh. Instead of going to a free lunch with my friends, or a Harry Potter marathon, I stayed home and worked. Ick.
  3. Decided that i like those old fashioned nightgowns I’ve had hidden in the back of my dresser for years.

Also, I… have no idea what else to say. I hate it when you think you’ve got something great to say, but you lose it. So that is where this post ends, loves. Bye!


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One response to “New Things

  1. Lol, I think we trust you enough to believe you when you say that you got your permit.
    You know you’re insane when you opt out of free food and Harry Potter.

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