Say These Words, I Will Smack You

Words that piss me off.

It’s not the word itself, that annoys me, but the meaning, if there even is one. Like all those political commercials: Character matters, character is key to a strong foundation… what the hell does that mean??? Character changes, all the time, so why would you base you argument on that? If you want to go completely literal, character is a person in a book or movie who goes through some kind of big change. So politicians are basically promising to change drastically. great…

Ugh. Lust. Not only is it a stupid sounding word, but it’s a cover up. Lust is a word made up by people who were to scared to admit that they were in love with someone, but who weren’t allowed to deny that there was something going on.

Strength, Without the ‘g’ sound
Strenth is nothing. It’s not a word. the G is there for a reason, so use it, people!

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