That Time of Year Again

Yup. It’s the time of year when I studiously ignore the fact that it is still October, and start posting Christmas-themed posts. Tonight’s is a fairly low-key one, though.

The weather is perfect. So nice, and cool, and windy… In only a few weeks, my skin will dry up like a prune, and turn red! I stocked up on medicated chapstick and lotion a few days ago, and it’s going to be so nice, to actually enjoy the weather without really feeling it, you know? And I’m sorry, Ashlei, but I’m going to change my blog’s theme to one that’s more holiday-ey. I hope they introduce a new holiday theme, though. The ones they have now are kind of kiddish.


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8 responses to “That Time of Year Again

  1. Mickey

    ahah! thanks Amber, just ruin a perfectly good holiday like Halloween with all your Christmas junk! thank you thank you:)

  2. Christmas is months away. You don’t get to mess with Christmas until at LEAST the day after Thanksgiving.
    Side note: today my college friend got me a gift and the bag it came in had a snowman on it because she felt that was acceptable since it’s “almost wintery” out. It’s scary how alike you two are.

  3. What level are you on RuneScape?

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