Garbanzo Bean Coats, After School Rehearsal, and Stupid People

We finally figured out what color my jacket is. It’s too yellowy to be beige, to beige-y to be butter, and not bright enough to pull off caramel-y, or tan. it is the color of garbanzo beans. And it is soft like butter, and it makes me look like a brown bear, apparently.

Today we start after school rehearsals, which is awesome, except for the fact that i know my aunt won’t remember, even though I told her a million times over the weekend, and i will end up in trouble. She seems to not understand the purpose of after school rehearsal, either. Pshh. She stayed after school pretty much every day for her stupid band practices, and those weren’t even for a grade. Plus, I like drama, and even if I never become an actress, it still offers more career options then playing the clarinet does. Drama teaches people skills, projecting, set building, production… not to mention it helps get people out of their shells, and boosts their confidence. But when I had not one speaking part, she was fine with two months of after school rehearsals, but when I have five different speaking parts, she can’t handle a week of them. Bitch.

So, i was searching Darren Criss, and i came upon the blog i linked to in the last post. This person seems to genuinely believe that Glee is HSM on TV. Like, she/he/it was spouting ‘facts’ about his (Darren Criss) character on Glee, and how he wants to join basketball because of Troy, and Ryan is obsessed with Kurt, and they all go to East High… It’s amusing, and scary. Check it out.



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2 responses to “Garbanzo Bean Coats, After School Rehearsal, and Stupid People

  1. “Genuinely believe?” Read the rest of my posts. Do they seem to be serious? There are different types of writing in the English language. Look them up.

  2. Dearest Gay Shark,

    I have replied many times to your comments on my blog (and I have commented on your blog, but that is beside the point). I have deleted most of the posts from my blog, but you should be able to read them through email or something. So enjoy.

    Most sincerely,

    Nubyss of the name Quaerimus, level 90, level 86 woodcutting, pwner of n00bs

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