Willow- Don’t Read This Until After You Watch Glee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Darren Criss was on Glee tonight. Oh my God, it was good! So good, I capitalized the “G” in god!!! Dave, the big hockey player, but not the black one, kissed Kurt!!! I knew one of the jocks was going to end up gay, but I just assumed it’d be Puck. Or Sam. But I hate Sam, so I’m glad it’s not him. He bugs me. A lot. When Darren and Kurt finally kiss, I may actually break the sound barrier, via squeal. Only thing is, is now I don’t know if I totally loathe Dave’s guts, like before, or if I pity him slightly. Like, he’s still a complete ass, but he knows how he’ll be treated if he comes ‘out’. He did it to Kurt for years. And Kurt would never, never ever go for him. Kurt likes guys with gorgeous eyes, a beautimous voice, and a super huggable body. Ah… Never mind! Kurt can’t have him!!! And Trici already has a man, so I guess I get him!!! Ooh, he’ll fit perfectly with my color scheme!!!



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14 responses to “Willow- Don’t Read This Until After You Watch Glee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  3. tee hee hee hee hee!
    one of the most awesomest bestest most amazingest shows EVER. Loooooved it!
    I would’ve prefered it if Sam were the one to be gay. Hes so much cuter than jerk-o McJerks-a-lot. And if he keeps touching Kurt i will have to call 911 because he’s totally molesting him via body slam.

    • Sam is icky. so’s Dave, though. But you won’t have to call 911, cuz Darren Criss… well, he probably wouldn’t win in a fight with Dave. Or Sam, for that matter, but he’s really cute, and has pretty eyes, and is harry Freakin’ Potter, so nyah. I should probably start referring to his character by his name, not his real name. I wonder when he gets a last name. Right now, he’s just Blaine. Even the now nonexistent Matt got a last name.

  4. YOU’RE icky and don’t know WHAT you’re talking about. Sam icky- ha. You must’ve lost your mind. He should be gay though. Straight men never look that good, lol.
    I don’t picture Harry to be ANYTHING like Blaine. Harry is much taller, with lighter hair which is longer so it still looks just as dark, and his face is completely different. As is his body type.
    I’ll look it up this weekend if I have time.

    • Hey, that was my 500th comment!! And actually, Darren’s how i always pictured harry looking, before the movies were made. And, he has green eyes, like he’s s’posed to. Not super duper blue ones, that, while pretty, are so not the same as green! Wow… I went away for a while there. It’s what happens when someone mentions Darren. Lol…

    • Lol, you’re a weirdo. If you’re going to go googoo eye’d over someone, it should at least be someone godlike. Like River. That boy…. 6 words: chocolate syrup, whipped cream, no clothes. Yummmmm.
      Yeah, he’s pretty much looked exactly the same since the 5th movie, and they cut his hair waaaaayyyyyyyyy too short. Harry’s hair is always the same length!

    • River is alllll kinds of grown up. So what if he’s only 19! All the more reason to obsess over him! I might actually stand a legal chance in hell!
      And Darren is not grown up. He’s too short for that lol. He’s AGED.

      • he is NOT that short! And you say ‘aged’ like it’s a bad thing! He graduated college just last year, so he’s a lot younger then the guys i usually go for. Wow… that didn’t sound creepy at all, did it?

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