Oh, the Horror!

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My phone… is… DEAD!!! I have no way to listen to music outside of class now, no way to text Willow when i see something funny, no way to ignore people I don’t like be pretending that my music’s too high to hear them!! Wah!!!!!!!!!!! I actually had to say ‘hi’ to people before, people I have successfully ignored this whole year, so far. Ugh. So in order to make up for my abrupt disconnection from the world, I will be posting a lot more posts today then usual.

Hey, can anyone in Drama tell me if we need to have our monologues printed out? I know we’re only required to have one finished, but if we’re supposed to turn it in, I can’t just hand him my laptop and say ‘good luck!’. So…

I hate school. I really do. I just want to be done, you know? I just want to be able to stop ‘preparing’ for things that are completely pointless, and will most likely never affect my life. I mean really, when is the Industrial Revolution ever going to come up in normal everyday life? NEVER. I just want to work for a few years and save up some cash, buy a little place somewhere quiet, and live out my days reading, writing, and watching Glee with Willow. Is that really such a heinous thing to want? Is it so bad that I don’t want to cure cancer, or discover some crazy new technology? But, I digress.

My subconscious is a FREAK! Last night I had the oddest dream. It was at Elena’s house, and her dad was making dinner, and he just starting carving up puppies like they were pumpkins, or something! And they were still alive, and everything. And then we were at a barbecue, and Beth was a cheerleader, but the whorish kind, not the normal kind, and she was dancing around, and then she fell off of the table. Yup. And people think I’m so normal, too.


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3 responses to “Oh, the Horror!

  1. theatergirl

    yeah print it out

  2. Ashlei

    thats not very nice…

    • What’s not nice? Ignoring people? it;s either that, or be subjected to their insipid blathering about absolutely nothing! For the past four days,a ll they’ve talked about is some guy and some girl getting in a fight, breaking up, only to get back together when he gave her a ring. Who cares?! Not me, that’s who.

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