I Wish I Had Something Profound to Write About…

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Hello, you lovely folk, you! How’s life treating you? Mine was doing well… I finish my paper for American History, I finished my character analysis for Drama… But hen I get to first period. We had to watch a video about food production, which made me never want to eat again, ever. All the poor cows, and chickens… But then we get our formative back. I got a 17/20 on mine, which isn’t something I’d  throw a fit about, except everyone else’s was graded out of 30. So then I was freaking out, thinking I’d got a 17 out of 30, which is bad, even for me. (Shut up, Elena, it is!) So i go up to her, asking if it was right, and instead of catching her mistake (Which she should have, she’s an English teacher, yeah, but still) she just tacks on 2 more points, and sends me on my way. I don’t understand ‘educators’. I really don’t.

From there, my day slowly regresses, because in 2nd period we were talking about courage vs. cowardice, and more then half the class said that if it came down to saving themselves or a two year old, they’d save… themselves. I hate my generation. I think the only people I wouldn’t try to save would have to be my family, excluding kids (excluding my sister, from the excluded kids), and the super bad criminals. The ones who’ve killed lots of people, or raped someone, that kind of thing. self defense, theft, that kind of thing, I don’t think should even be given such a heavy penalty in the first place, because the people who commit those kinds of crimes are usually doing it for their families, and I can’t fault someone who’s trying to provide for their family. Thank god I’m not in politics, people would HATE me! lol…

I love my blog. I love the people I’ve met because of it, I love being able to talk about things and not feel judged, and I love that I can badmouth the hell out of my family and not get in trouble for it. What I do not like, is that now all of a sudden, everyone has a blog. And because of that, everyone is turning it into a competition. The point of blogging is not to have the most views, or anything like that. So when people are constantly ragging on me for not having as many views as them even though I’ve been doing this for two and a half years, it makes me want to kick some certain people in the crotch. Exhibit A- Trici, I don’t care how many views you have. It isn’t just a fun little hobbie for me like it is for some people. Quality, not quantity.


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2 responses to “I Wish I Had Something Profound to Write About…

  1. Mickey

    I agree that pissed me off also I also posted about that discussion everybody in this world can be so self centered.

  2. Omg I know! I’ve been thinking about going off all meat because of the farming practices of America. America has perhaps the worst farming practices ever. They’re disgusting. This is why I want my own chickens! But does anyone listen to me? No.
    I think I’d save the baby, because I would be haunted forever if I didn’t. And people might say they wouldn’t save it, but it’s instinctual to protect the young.

    PS: I have more views than you! I have more views than you! Nah nah nah nah nah nah! And I can say that because we were once competing together and we’ve been blogging for the same amount of time. So you’re welcome. Lol.

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