Ugh… I HATE Being Sick!!!

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It sucks, you know. My nose is rubbed raw from all the tissue-blowing I’ve done, my eyes itch like crazy, and I’m hungry, but I know that anything I eat will just come back up in a few hours. Argh…

Glee tonight, y’all! Singin’, and dancin’, and Darren Criss… *Sigh* But thanks to the unfairness of the world, my damn phone isn’t working, and I can’t reply to any texts I get. i can read them, but what’s the point in that if you can’t reply?

I think I should paint my toenails. It’s only fair, since they’ve evened out so nicely, after I stubbed my foot last month, and broke a couple nails.

Skating with the Stars is the worst show on tv, ever. I watched it last night because I’d read somewhere about the gay judge, but he’s not the fun, cute kind of gay. Not even the Garret kind of gay (does girl stuff, wears pastels…), but the annoying kind that you kinda want to poke in the eye. You know, the guy who wears make up, and calls everyone ‘girlfriend’? Yeah,I’d hate him more, but he did make me laugh last night, so I can’t, dammit all.

It has happened, everyone, I found the one aspect of the holidays that I hate. Family time. Because god forbid I go shopping with my aunt, and dare to have fun. God forbid I not want to go home right away instead of spending time with family I rarely see. Because according to the shrew I live with, enjoying spending time with my aunt, uncle, and cousins, means that I want to live with them. Yeah, okay, crazypants. Whatever floats your boat. So either i want to spend time with other family, and am an awful person who appreciates nothing, or I isolate myself, and am a selfish whore who wants all the attention. Oh, decision, decisions…

I ran into the librarian at Pizza Hut a couple of days ago. I love her. She’s probably one of about… eight adults I can stand. She lets me check out extra books, sometimes. And she even drove me home from prom last year, which I thought was so sweet of her.

My feet are FREEZING!!! Today’s high is 58 degrees, and yesterday it was only 51! But, of course, the weekend’s overall high is like, 74 degrees. This is why I hate the desert. Just pick a range, dammit! It’s not normal to jump 200 something degrees in a matter of days! At least in Florida, they can anticipate fairly uniform weather, even if their highs are at about 84. I never know if I’m going to need a sweater, a winter coat, or a short sleeved shirt!

You know you’re watching and obsessing over a show too much when you dream about the show repeatedly. I can never remember them, but every dream I can recall having the past week has been about Glee. And the one about Trici and Codie’s wedding, but that’s a whole other ball of rice!

Well, I’ve successfully killed an hour. Now I’m gonna see if soaps are over yet.


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4 responses to “Ugh… I HATE Being Sick!!!

  1. Anonymous

    Poor Bloompa… I’m so sorry! We are missing you terribly!!!!!!!! – Lily

  2. I’m sorry. I hope you at least get to stay home from school!
    This was my least favorite Glee episode I think. And I don’t really care much for Darren when he sings. I think he should just sit there and look cute. And kiss Kurt if he ever feels so inclined.
    The high today was probably 42. I am tired of winter already. I am not a winter person! My skin is already a horrible pasty color and I’m freezing at all times of the day. Except when I’m sleeping. I’m happiest when I’m sleeping. Hmmm… I wonder if you dream when you’re in a coma. What do you think?

  3. Jounouchi Katsuya

    I love winter. Love it love it love it. I hate that people are trying to suck the religious part out of Christmas though, by starting to sell Christmas stuff in June. It infuriates me! I’m not a very religious person either.
    And I’m not cold because my G-ma bought me a new jacket. It’s covered in this really pretty white faux fur and it’s so soft and I look like a Russian/Czechoslovakian assassin or a polar bear when I’m wearing it.
    My tv obsession is Supernatural. I love them. They never end up in my dreams though. Sadness. 😦

  4. huh, I read this all the way through and then saw I’d already commented. It sounded familiar but I really couldn’t remember it. My brain is horrible. lol

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