Day 1(Yes, Another Thing I Stole From Someone Else’s Blog!)

Just a Friend

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So, according to Erica’s blog, day 1 is a letter to someone who was there for you during a hard time in 2010. here goes!

Dear Willow,

Yeah, I guess it was kind of obvious who I’d choose. You’re my best friend, after all! I’ve never wanted a brother, ever. I don’t have a very good track record with men in general, as you know. But then I met you. I don’t even remember how, or why, but I did, and I fell in love. In a strictly platonic way, of course. You make me laugh, and I can (and do) tell you everything, even if it’s just a random thought I had while walking to the bus stop, or watching Glee. I can go to you whenever I need to, despite the 3 states that separate us. Throughout all for this past year, you’ve been my rock. When the friendship I’d had since freshman year hit the three year mark, and disintegrated, you were there, and I didn’t care so much when they would ignore me, because I knew that no matter what, I still had you. And then when Trici and I had that falling out a few months ago, you kept me from isolating myself, like I usually would have done.

You are perfect. You’re funny, smart, and only a wee bit crazy! So you remember that, whenever you are feeling sad, and want to cry, but can’t. Remember that I love you, and even if you weren’t gay, I still would! uh. Usually, people say that they’d love someone, even if they were gay. I am so backwards sometimes…

Anywho, I love you lots, GBFAM!!! (Gay Brother From Another Mother)

Okay, that was that. In about an hour, you’ll have Day 2 up. because I can never keep something like this going for more then a couple days. Lol…


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3 responses to “Day 1(Yes, Another Thing I Stole From Someone Else’s Blog!)

  1. Erica

    The point WAS to “steal” it 😉 haha

  2. You make me sound like a way better friend then I am. Way better.
    But that’s why I love you you crazy rolly polly ohlly.

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