People are so Weird…

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About Glee. Like I always do, I went and perused some forums about glee, to see what other people thought of last night’s episode. My god, people hate change. Like, they were so butt hurt about how in the first season, bullying was something not to be taken very seriously, even funny at some points, but this season it’s all super serious. Wow, find some depth, people. There are different kinds and levels of bullying. Being called names, getting a slushie in the face- unpleasant, but faintly amusing. Being pushed into lockers and kissed by a creeper? Serious. And everyone’s upset because this season’s main focus is going to be about bullying, which translates into more Kurt. I’m sorry, but when a season of tv is about bullying, and it’s set in Ohio, with an openly gay main character, yes, the season will feature that person a lot. Wouldn’t it seem odd to you that the gay kid who wears weird clothes is left alone, while the short bitchy girl is bullied? If it offends you so much, just skip this year’s season. But if I see one more guy ranting about the ‘gay agenda’, I’m going to scream. Because yeah, gay people have monthly meetings, and plot to take over the world over tea and cookies. Just like black people do over rice krispies, and asians do over rice and chopsticks. People are just so ridiculous! It’s not like one season that focusses slightly on a gay character is going to turn everyone gay, people! Just like watching animal planet won’t make you throw poop, and scratch your ass. People are just so dumb! There’s no way to accurately describe how dimwitted and close minded this world is! You love who you love, that’s that! Do you know what my cousin told me on Thanksgiving? That in the future, being gay is going to be illegal. What’s sadder- the fact that a 9 year old worries about this, or the fact that for all we know, it could be? We’ve already brought back racial profiling, and are blaming problems we’ve always had on illegal immigrants, why is this so out there? So, my simple rant about idiotic bigots has, as always, turned into something completely different. Why does this always happen to me?? *Sigh* my brain is broked.


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3 responses to “People are so Weird…

  1. Erica

    This made me think soooo much.
    I didn’t get how much more serious the bullying theme has gotten until you pointed it out. Maybe the Glee writers are trying to send a non-bulling message?
    And it strikes me as sad that a 9 year old would knw about something like that.
    As for more Kurt, BRING IT. I love that kid!
    And I’ve seen some guys mad about the gayness too, but they are guys watching Glee, doesn’t that count for anything?!

    • Kurt and Brittany are the best, no contest. And while it IS sad that a 9 year old knows about things like this, i must point out that she is really, annoyingly, mature. And loves Glee. And i guess the fact that guys are even watching Glee in the first place says something. lol…

  2. Um, actually we do have monthly meetings. But since we don’t reproduce, it’s really hard to take over the world. We have to wait until the straight people’s genes go wonkers and create more of us. If people want less gay people in the world, they should have fewer babies. It’s that simple.
    Oh and I don’t know how many black people meetings you’ve been to, but you forgot to mention all the kool-aid they drink.
    *side note*: did you know it’s predicted that within 50 years red headed males will have completely disappeared and most people will be of a darker complexion because of who’s marrying who nowadays. Just a fun fact. Also, what will people do when there’s no more white and black? What, is it going to be the chocolates against the cocoas? People are stupid. Someone needs to figure out how to alter our genes so we’re a less stupid species. We’re much too self-destructive.
    That was a much longer rant than I realized, lol.

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