Day 3

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A valuable lesson I learned this year… Probably acceptance. Christin says hi!!!!!! Like, i accept that Christin has a pathological need to randomly steal my computer in the middle of 4th period and type nonsense! Lol… No, but I really have learned to accept things for what they are. I can accept that friends don’t always last forever, or even part of forever. I can accept that I will never have a perfect family, or house. And I can accept that Christin is reading this over my shoulder, which really freaks me out. I’ve always been weird, so it’s no surprise that I can fully accept, support, and love anyone who’s different, but I used to not be able to accept it when people grew apart from me. I think acceptance is an important lesson to master, for everyone. And i mastered it before I turned 30. Yay Me!!!!!

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  1. I had a nice long reply to this, but I looked down at my key board and was shocked to see it had been cleaned by someone. I’m a little worried now. It’s been disgustingly dusty and dirty for weeks. Who’s been on my computer?!?!?! I think my paranoia has officially kicked in.
    Also: I accept you for being weird enough to accept me.

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